Friday, 16 November 2012

Away fighting guilt monkeys

Welcome to A Truth Universally Acknowledged!  

Please have a se... 

Oh... Right. My bad.  

The furniture hasn't arrived yet.  You see, I just moved in here and I don't even have a glass to offer you tap water (I'm not even sure it's safe, mind you.)  I will soon be filling the emptiness but for the moment, I'm busy nanoing away.  Come December, I will sweep the place and you'll all be invited to my writing celebration.  So in the meantime, please take a slow (slothful, even) walk to the corner store and get yourself a beer or Perrier (grape juice?).  I promise I will be ready to welcome you when you come back.  

Until then, take care!

P.S. The party has already started on my Twitter and Facebook page. Join the fun!

Picture source: Mrs Craig's List