Sunday, 30 December 2012

Ahoy Puppet!

As much as this writing prompt seemed funny to me at first, I must say I had a hard time finding what I wanted to do with it.  In the end however, I decided to go for something silly.  I hope you'll enjoy it.

***Writing prompt 628 - You are a pirate.  Describe your perfect day.***

The Last Port Tavern
Pirate dating site

Profile #34686: Bubonic Roger Smythe
Physical description: two eaye, missin' a few teeth and fin'ers, hairless, red beard, a few manly scars, as tall as two barrels o' rum.
Pets:  A few rats and other vermin
Other: Own me own ship

Random question: Describe your perfect day

I enjoy wakin' up with t' sun and look at its reflection on t' blue sea. After givin' orders t' me crew, I like t' eat a breaksmartly o' cured meat, washed down by a few pints o' good ale. On a perfect day, I find t' treaaye I was lookin' for in t' mornin' and have me lads bury it before sundown without even catchin' a glimpse o' a royal navy ship. Lastly, no day be really complete without a stop at t' isle o' Skull where t' rum flows and t' wenches be buxom.

What are you looking for in a wench?

I wish t' find an obedient wench t' do me wash and keep me entertained durin' long days at sea. Scurvy wenches need not inquire.


The pirate speak was created using the International Talk Like a Pirate day English to Pirate translator.  If you feel like having some fun just follow the link.


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