Sunday, 6 January 2013

From the inside

Inspiration for this came at the last minute, a flash of genius in a sea of mediocrity.  I hope it will please you, for I'm quite proud of it.  Will you be able to guess who, or what, is our main character?*

***Writing prompt 300 - You wake up with a nameless feeling of dread in your gut, but you can't figure out what it is.  Write down everything that could possibly happen during the day that could be something for you to dread. ***

There is this feeling.  This strange feeling, every time I awake.  I can never name it, really, but it just sits there in my stomach, like a heavy weight.  I fear it will bore a whole in my body, or worse, eat its way to my very soul.

It wasn’t always so.  There was a time when I could just open my eyes and bask in the reddish light and everything was good. Nothing needed be done or thought; floating was all and filled me with mirth. There was a time… Oh, how long ago could it possibly be?  It’s so hard to tell.  But I’m sure… I know… at least I think there was such a time.  I have a fertile mind, but couldn’t possibly have imagined it all, could I? 

It doesn’t matter anyway.  Things are different, now.  This feeling of dread haunts my every waking moment.  Something is impending.  I can’t be wrong about this.  The crimsons walls that once cradled me are closing on me.  At times, it’s as if a strange force is pushing intently, trying to touch me. I cower but there is nowhere to hide.  My home has turned prison and even my imagination fails me; what is my jailer?

My silence has slowly grown from rippling vibrations to noisy tidal waves that besiege me from every angle.  Where there was once only the regular beating of a soft drum, there is now an entire orchestra, playing a cacophonous melody I am forced to hear.  I have tried to stop it, to cover my ears but it surrounds me, it permeates everything.

In distress, I await.  The world is quivering.  I can sense it. The world will soon crumble around me.


*HINT: The title might help you guess ;)