Sunday, 3 February 2013


I’ve had a fairly busy week so this time I will follow the prompt without elaborating.

***Writing prompt 118 - Think of an object that describes you. Describe it.***

I believe tea is the best “object” that describes me.  The word regroups many different drinks that are all obtained using the same method: brewing.  I am tea, and my brain is an infuser.  There is only one me but the ideas that come out of my brain are all different; they all have their very distinct flavour.  Some may be similar but others have nothing in common besides the fact that they originated from me.  Tea comes from many different countries and has a long history; I’m very curious about the world and history is one of my passions.  Just like tea traveled the Silk Road, I travel the world. 

Tea is very hot when it’s in the teapot but when you pour it, it cools down until it’s completely cold.  You can enjoy it at any temperature you feel is optimal.  I feel that reflects the way my mind works.  The things in my head are very hot.  Ideas can even burn me.  Then, I pour them out, either by talking or writing.  As they exit me, they become more enjoyable or easier to forget but as long as I keep them in the brewing teapot that is my brain, they don’t cool down.  Just like very hot tea, most of the ideas in my head can’t be shared as is; they need to sit outside for a moment.

Finally, just like tea, I inspire like and dislike, depending on the person.  Also, I believe that once you give me a chance, just like you would good quality tea, you will grow quite fond of me.


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