Monday, 20 May 2013

Word of the week - Lithe

According to World Internet Statistics, English is the most used language of the Internet (closely followed by Chinese!)  For many of us, Shakespeare's tongue is a second or third language, which means that we are constantly learning. To help us enrich our vocabulary and make us better writers and readers, a new word is posted on ATUA every week.



1 : easily bent or flexed <lithe steel> <a lithe vine>
2 : characterized by easy flexibility and grace <a lithe dancer> <treading with a lithe silent step>; also : athletically slim <the most lithe and graspable of waists — R. P. Warren>

Origin: Middle English, from Old English līthe gentle; akin to Old High German lindi gentle, Latin lentus slow. First Known Use: 14th century


Writing Pratice

Write a few sentences using the word lithe and post them in the comment section.


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