Thursday, 4 July 2013

Dreamers Interview Series – Christine Guenette – Giveaway winner and answers

Today I'm very happy to announce the giveway winner for massotherapist and yoga instructor Christine Guenette's interview.   But first, let's see the answers to your questions.  A big thank you to Christine for the time she invested in this project!

Catherine asked:
What is the most precious thing yoga brought you? After all, many people do yoga simply to follow trends, but yoga is much more for you, so I wonder. What did you see in yoga? Or what did yoga show you, that was so special?
Yoga has brought me to a wonderful community of people on a path of self work. Within the classrooms full of people following trends, looking for sexier bodies and a good workout, there is this undertone of knowing there is more to this thing called life and we all have the opportunity to discover it if we stop spinning, sit still, and pay attention. I have met people with deep meditation practices, others who have strong views on diet and sustainable agriculture, others who study and expose the commercialism of yoga and it's art form and countless others who are simply open to feeling better in body, mind and spirit and return to their mats time and again for that taste of something more.

I have made some amazing friends within this community. I have met countless warriors that I admire and look up to. Some people I have not become close to but I know I can count on their consistency and presence to help support and uplift my own experience.

For me, yoga has been an exercise in body, a gift in community and a window to a more meaningful existence.
Dave asked:
What's the next step/stage in your entrepreneurial evolution?

As The Nest is still young, the next stage is to increase our volume. I'd like to reach a place where the one room is so busy that people need to make their appointments in advance by a few days.
As a yoga teacher, I am going to be pursing some additional training. This summer I will be taking a Yoga Therapeutics training which I think will compliment my massage therapy nicely. And I may even be doing a second 200 hour teaching training next year!
Dominique asked:

Can you describe in words how you feel when you do yoga and/or give a massage? How does it affect you physically but mostly, spiritually? This is a world about which I know very little, so it was an enjoyable read.

I'll reply to this in two parts, as giving massages and teaching yoga are very different experiences for me.
I have often said that when I give a massage I fall in love with my client during the process. (Obviously I'm not saying this romantically or sexually). There is something about having someone remove their clothes, close their eyes and offer me their trust to now take good honest care of them that leaves me so grateful and moved. During the massage I learn intimate things about them, like where it hurts, or where it feels extra yummy. The affect on me from a massage is very individual. I am a firm believer in energy (chakras, chi, prana, whatever name you give it). Depending on where the client is at, will greatly affect how I feel physically during and after a massage. If a client is exhausted, stressed, and/or emotionally worn out, I will most often walk away feeling drained and tired. If they are energetic and happy I walk away feeling light! Of course it also depends on how the massage goes for them. If they come in stressed, but during the massage lose their anxiety, that too can leave me feeling energized.

When I teach yoga, I feel like something magical happens. My teacher often said she felt like Grace moved through her when she taught. I understand what she means now! When I get into a class, the words are not my own, the flow is divinely inspired, I get into a zone and the time FLYS by me! I have so much fun teaching! And every class is different. I may have the same basic class plan for a week but after teaching it ten times to different class sizes, different people, different times of day etc no class was ever the same. My favourite part of teaching yoga is talking with the students afterwards. I welcome the feedback and love talking about poses they found challenging. Every time I get a compliment it makes my day - I never let a compliment go unnoticed. I feel eternally grateful that I can do this for a living!!!!
And the winner of the giveaway is... Dominique!  To claim your prize, make an appointment with Christine.  You can find her contact information on her facebook page.


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