Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Sunday Special – Feel Good Factor in 30 days

"I can only describe this part of my journey to be like peeling layers of an onion off one by one – there are lots of them, they are difficult to peel and at times it may make you cry!" 

With the New Year, a lot of people decide to make a fresh start.  For some, it's time to get serious about losing weight, for others it's time to change their take on life, to create a new mindset.  For these people, the Feel Good Factor in 30 Days might be just the book they need. 

This short work by Andrea Morrison is the result of a lot of introspection and experimentation on the part of the author.  Morrison, like many of us according to society's criteria, had it all.  She had the great husband, the great house, the great children and the great job.  Yet, she didn't feel fulfilled.  She was stuck on the treadmill of life and stepping off just felt impossible.  Luckily, she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue.  This forced her to stop and to reconsider her life, which led her to reinvent herself.  No matter what other said, she found who she really was. 

Rich of her experience,  Feel Good Factor in 30 Days gives the reader the tools to achieve a positive outlook on life.  Thanks to its "dip into," lesson-a-day format, this book is very accessible and can be picked up and put down at one's whims. There is no reading order; the tricks are independent of one another. The lessons are short and can be combined to the reader's taste. This truly is a "Pick what works for you" advice book. At first glance, the content may seem very simple, but in our complex world, it can be beneficial to go back to basics.

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  1. I love books like this, sounds a definite read for January.