ATUA's Bookshelfie Project

Books are no more threatened by Kindle than stairs by elevators.
                                                                                                Stephen Fry

eBooks may have revolutionized the publishing industry, but they have not killed the love people share for books as objects.  Holding a slim piece of electronic will never replace the pleasure of turning pages, weighing, and breathing in the scent of a book.  Shopping on amazon will never compare to browsing a bookstore. And so, to show the world that books are not dying, I decided to start the Bookshelfie Project.

What's a bookshelfie?  It's like a selfie but the main difference is that the background is very important: it must be a bookshelf.  The word was coined by a Tumblr user and the project grew on the Yahoo! owned blog platform.  I thought it would be a great idea to share the idea outside Tumblr and so I started the project.

My goal?  500 bookshelfies.

To succeed, I need your help! It's very easy, you'll see.


Step 1 Grab you weapon of choice and go take a bookshelfie of yourself. Your books are in storage on another continent? No problem! Go to the library or a bookstore!

Step 2 Send your bookshelfie to scbecauseican(at) and make sure to include your name and location. I will be mapping our collection!

Step 3 Spread the word!!! Tell your family and friends. Tell your coworkers and anyone who wants to listen. They don't have to be a follower of the ATUA facebook page or blog to participate (but if they love books, I'm sure they'll enjoy them.)

You can follow the progress on Flickr or on ATUA's facebook page

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LEGAL: Please note that every participant of the ABP has given permission to ATUA to use their pictures in the project.  ATUA doesn't own the pictures.  Using them without the owner's consent and without proper credit qualifies as copyright infringement.  The ABP is a non-lucrative project.


  1. Yay... I'll take part. I'm from Australia and have a 1,000+ book collection in my townhouse. My name is Lynda... but my screen name is Mozette. I run 'My Reading List'...

    This is a great idea! :D

  2. We are about to move the house after 3 weeks. First things first: already packed my books! There are plenty of them. Valuable for me 'cause living abroad and most of these are in Finnish language