Book Club Crashers

Want to join a book club but can't decide which one? ATUA has the solution for you: join them all!  

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Each month, the members ATUA's book club Crashers (ABCC) will read a book selected by one of the many book clubs available online.  This is a no-obligation club, which means that you are free to skip a month or read the featured book only for pleasure without participating in the discussion.  Meetings will be held online once a month but the conversation can begin (or continue) in the ATUA facebook forum.  We will not be joining the original book clubs for the discussion. 

Month Book club Book Discussion
September  Book and Reading Forums The Cuckoo's Calling – Robert Galbraith (aka J.K. Rowling) 17/10/2013
October Penguin's Book Club
In Falling Snow – Mary-Rose MacColl
November The Unputdownable Book Club Blindness – José Saramago 23/01/2014
December No Book Happy holidays! N/A
January Melissa's Online Book Club The Drowning House – Elizabeth Black 20/02/2014
February Book Talk TBA 20/03/2014
March Real Simple – No-Obligation Book Club TBA 24/04/2014
April Guardian Book Club TBA 22/05/2014
May We don't bake muffins Book Club TBA 19/06/2014
June Book Group Online TBA 24/08/2014
July No Book Enjoy your vacation! N/A
August Clare Library Book Club TBA 18/09/2014

Know book clubs that you'd like ABCC to crash?  Send your suggestions at scbecauseican(at)gmail(dot)com.


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