Dreamers Interview Series

Inspiration comes in many forms, many a time from other fellow artists of the same craft, but sometimes of an entirely different one.  Henry James loved paintings, Yukio Mishima admired the bushido and Vladimir Nakobov had a soft spot for butterflies.  In our appreciation and study of different forms of art, we allow ourselves to view approaches and techniques that, although seemingly unrelated to one's craft, can actually benefit the creative process. 

This is why the Dreamers Interview Series runs parallel to the Author Interview Series. In this series, people who have decided to follow their dreams and have created (or are still in the process of creating) a life out of their passion share their experience. 

Tania Mignacca – Illustrator, graphic designer and comic artist.  Creator of Ponto, Montreal's traffic cone.

Christine Guenette – Yoga instructor and Owner at the Nest
Turlough Myers – Swing dance instructor
Guillaume Couture  – Nutritionist
David Radcliffe – Real estate agent and owner at Radcliffe and Rust Real Estate Agents
Parham Yazdy – Architectural photographer

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