Monday, 10 June 2013

Hipster Word of the Week– Absquatulate

People talk about the inner child all the time – listen to, heal, feed, (smother) your inner child – but what about our little less known but as (if not more) tyrannical  inner hipster?  

An inner what?  Don't be ridiculous, I'm NOT a hipster!  

There, there.  No need to deny it.  I bet you've felt that smug smile creep on your face after impressing someone with the extent of your knowledge at least once. So here is my weekly contribution of words so underground they'll make your inner hipster spill his fair trade coffee all over his ipad as he squeals in glee .


v. - to leave hurriedly, suddenly, or secretly

After hearing about the Apple Store sale, Atticus absquatulated.

Your turn!  Leave your sentences in the comment section!


 Source: Luciferous Logolepsy


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