Thursday, 15 August 2013

Author Interview Series – Jim Burke– Answer and Giveaway Winner!

Today (after much delay), I'm happy to announce the winner of the author Jim Burke's giveaway.  If you missed the interview, you can read it here.  Once again, I would like to thank Mr. Burke for taking the time to participate.

David asked

Mr. Burke, I was just wondering if you ever got the itch to direct one of your plays and/or would you, given the chance, consider adapting one of your plays for the big or small screens a la David Mamet?

Thanks for your question. I've directed some of my plays in the past, usually down to necessity rather than choice. It's a tricky business. As with writing, the scene I've directed in my head doesn't always translate to the finished product on the stage. Plus, I'm not a trained or experienced director, so I much prefer to hand my stuff over to people who know what they're doing. Mamet is a bit of a cautionary example really. The screen adaptations of his plays that have worked best are usually the ones he didn't direct, especially Glengarry Glen Ross. When he does direct, he seems to be so invested in every word he's written, the dialogue comes over as stilted, stuffed and mounted. So, although it's tempting for a playwright to control everything from the directors chair, the results don't often bear this out as a good idea. But I'm sure there are 1001 exceptions to this!

And the giveaway winner is... David!  David wins a poster depicting the timeline of the Globe Theater.  The print was acquired at the theater itself.  Congratulations!


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