Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The ATUA Shelfie Project – Showing our love of books to the world

Take out your smart phones and cameras people, we are going on an adventure! 

 But before we do, tell me what these pictures all have in common.

Aside from having gorgeous models (thank you to my wonderful volunteers, Michele, Erin, Turlough and Gen,) these are all selfies.  But not of the regular kind.  They are selfies taken in front of bookshelves.  They are...

~ ~ ~ BOOKSHELFIES ~ ~ ~

I wish I had coined this but apparently it's a very trendy thing on Tumblr right now.  You can see the blog where it all started here (you will need a Tumblr account.)  If you have a Tumblr and contribute to my project, think of contributing to theirs as well. :)

So! This is the part where we set out on an adventure.  I want us to build a gigantic bookshelfie collection, together.  The minimum of pictures I want is 100 but my real objective is 500.  Yes, it's crazy but we can do it!  I will host the collection on both Flickr and the ATUA facebook page.

Your mission is simple.  

Step 1
Grab you weapon of choice and go take a shelfie of yourself. Your books are in storage on another continent?  No problem!  Go to the library or a bookstore!

Step 2
Send your shelfie to scbecauseican(at)gmail.com and make sure to include your name and location.  I will be mapping our collection!

Step 3
Spread the word!!!  Tell your family and friends.  Tell your coworkers and anyone who wants to listen.  They don't have to be a follower of the ATUA facebook page or blog to participate (but if they love books, I'm sure they'll enjoy them.)

Let's make this happen people!


  1. Very interesting project, I'm sharing this idea on twitter, google +, FB etc.