Thursday, 31 October 2013

Dreamers Interview Series – David Radcliffe

 This week our guest is David Radcliffe, Director at Radcliffe and Rust Estate Agents since 2011. I want to thank David for answering my questions at the last minute. As he can't really raffle a house, there will be no giveaway this week.

 Tell us a bit more about what you do?

I am an estate agent. I value and sell property and make my money by taking a cut of the sale percentage.

Did you always know you wanted to build your own company or did that come later in your career?

I knew I wanted to have fun and I know I hated being told what to do all the time when I ‘knew’ I was correct! It came later when I realised the only way to get something done properly is to do it yourself, plus I saw way too many talented friends being made redundant and I never wanted anyone telling me I was either too old or too expensive to work for them.
What was most difficult in setting up Radcliffe & Rust Estate Agents? How did you overcome that difficulty?

Getting the financial backing. Kept asking until someone listened!
What is your next goal?

In business I would say making this place self-sufficient. Then offices 2, 3, 4…..
What do you think is the quality most needed to follow your dreams and, in your case, become your own boss?

I guess I should say total focus, never give up and don’t take no for an answer. Sure all that stuff helps but the main thing is to find something you like and do it. You will become good at it and then people will pay you money because people like to see/use people who are good at stuff, in my case selling properties.
What advice would you give to would be entrepreneurs?

I would say I have answered it. Drink Scotch, it makes you sound mature. Oh and don’t put ice in it… just spring water!
Our previous featured guest author Brick Marlin would like to know: Why did you decide to become your own boss?

See answer number 2!

Our next guest is Canadian author Christine Miscione. What question would you like to ask her?

Hardback or paperback?

You are a dreamer and would like me to interview you?  Drop me a line at scbecauseican(at)gmail(dot)com. I love meeting passionate people!


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