Thursday, 5 December 2013

Dreamers Interview Series – Parham Yazdy

This week ATUA is hosting Parham Yazdy, photographer extraordinaire.  Parham mainly does architectural photography.  You can see his stunning shots on his website.

Parham, you're the owner at Parham Yazdy Photography. Tell us a bit more about what you do. 

I do architectural photography and I'm also interested in travel, landscape and event photography. I've been in love with photography for  over 15 years.  When I finally studied commercial photography, it became my specialty.  I've been in a business for a few years.

Has photography always been a passion? Do you remember the first camera you received/bought?  
Photography became a passion for me at the first sight ! I fell in love with it when I was 14 and it forever remained my favourite hobby. My first camera belonged to my father; it was a Russian SLR camera called Zenit EM.  It was pretty old but it had a great lens and took sharp pictures!

What do you think, aside from technique and gear, makes a good photographer? 

Photography is all about seeing the details. A photographer needs to be able to convey his message through images.

Do you have a photographer you particularly admire? Why? 

My first guru in photography was one of the most famous photographer in Iran called Nasrollah Kasraian. He is an amazing photographer who has lots of travel photography books. I've always admired his pictures and his technique.

I noticed you take a lot of landscape pictures. Is portrait something you've ever considered? 

Yes and no! On the one hand, I prefer catching the moment and it works better when I take candid shots. It's amazing to see the real side of people and the result is always amazing ! On the other hand, I found out that posed portraits are not my thing. They don't feel natural to me.

What is your next goal as a photographer?

I'd like to expand my architectural photography business. I also plan on starting teaching photography.

What advice would you give to photographers and other artists trying to make a living from their art? 

Following your passion is always worth it.  Let the customers find you!

Our previous guest, Canadian author Christine Miscione would like to ask you: Two questions: How might you design a camera for someone who has no hands? And if you could invent a new type of lens that could do anything, what would it do? 

Today with digital technology it wouldn't be very complicated to do. It could be very small camera fixed on the person's glasses; the shutter could go off by saying "click!" 

As for the lens, it could be a super macro lens which could take close ups of the texture of leaves, for example. It would need to have a good depth of field and sharpness ! 

Our next featured guest is fiction author Kenneth Radu. What would you like to ask him? 

What are the steps of writing a fiction book? Do you just imagine the events as you go or do you plan first and write next ? 

You are a dreamer and would like me to interview you?  Drop me a line at stephanie.noel.writer(at)gmail(dot)com. I love meeting passionate people!


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