Sunday, 22 December 2013

The Sunday Special - The Mother Lode Manifesto

In recent years, women have been more active and successful in the business sphere than at any other time in history.  However growing, their numbers are still small compared to men's.  Why is that?  Simple.  Because women have been trying to emulate men rather than create businesses that truly reflect them.  As a result, the Superwoman complex has emerged.  Women expect to perform like men while still managing to take care of their families like a homemake.  Needless to say that is very demanding and nearly impossible.  Many women know this and would rather give up on a dream than neglect their family.  If they only knew that they've been doing it wrong...  Luckily, The Mother Lode Manifesto by Margie J. Baldock is here!

With its revolutionnary call to action, this book aims to help women create personnal, financial independance through social entrepreneursip.  This comprehensive guide helps the reader understand the orgins of the current female mindset about finances and offers concrete solutions for women to destroy those misconceptions.  Margie's step by step master plan effectively leads readers to take action and built realistic business plans tailored to their needs.  One great feature of The Mother Lode Manifesto is that it offers financial strategies for all levels, so that people starting on this journey may benefit from it as much as people looking for the next step.

Through her book, Balbock wants to make women realize that despite what they've been raised to believe, they have more financial power than they think and are as able as men, even more in some area.  But most importantly, she stresses the fact that being financially indepedant and self-sufficient is not about women surpassing men, it's about being equal.  Both men and women will benefit from this equality, and most likely the planet, too, in the long run.

The Mother Lode Manifesto is very well structured, its content well organized.  The reader is constantly sollicited through calls to action, making it easy to used the imparted knowledged.  The provided worksheet are also extremely useful.  I particularly enjoyed the key point lists at the end of each chapters; these summarized versions of the chapter contents could easily be used as reminders, something to stick on the frigde for easy access. 
Although I thoroughly enjoyed the book and it had me mull over a few business ideas of mine, the is one thing I would change.  This book is targeting mothers, yet I believe its content could benefit all women.  As I don't have children myself, I probably wouldn't have picked up this book had it not been given to me.  This is sad, because Buldock really has much to offer to women out there.

Mother or not, I strongly recommend women pick up this book.  You might be sitting on a million dollar idea, who knows? 


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